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Over long years of business experience our company evolved in quality methods for commercial transactions depending on the international specifications and recommendations; our transactions frameworks also expanded to include many of the Arab, African and Asian countries; where our extensive and diverse experience in the field of general trade, import and export made ​​us a company in the forefront of operating companies; and with this we guarantee speed, accuracy, and security to receive your goods in the shortest period with complete confident and help you to obtain the best prices from the factories and provide all the addresses and the necessary accurately and fast.

Our service


exp[ort services

The company’s services in Importing from China

We provide for the client guaranteed sources of merchandise with competitive prices directly from the factory or from known markets in addition to making sure of the specifications, quality and number of goods and any comments on the request of the client in the goods; then we ship the goods

4.2.1 Letter of Credit Advising

The company on services of exports to China

We provide for the client sources and markets for purchasing of goods that the client wants to market in China’s markets, either from raw materials or manufactured materials or other goods needed by the Chinese market; we market it and complete, accredit and maintain the deal.


Shipping and Clearance

your company offers you one of its activities as one of our specialties, which a lot of customers depends upon and we provide to you navigational consulting for the international and local shipping operations with the best economic method that saves you time and