About Us :

Over long years of business experience our company evolved in quality methods for commercial transactions depending on the international specifications and recommendations; our transactions frameworks also expanded to include many of the Arab, African and Asian countries; where our extensive and diverse experience in the field of general trade, import and export made ​​us a company in the forefront of operating companies; and with this we guarantee speed, accuracy, and security to receive your goods in the shortest period with complete confident and help you to obtain the best prices from the factories and provide all the addresses and the necessary accurately and fast.
- Our company is a specialized in import and export from factories and companies with vast experience in the field of import and export of various types of goods and we deal with major industrial cities in China. It is one of a group of companies working in harmony to complete the success of our business with our clients, where our company is interested in working on expanding the scope of its work in all the cities of the world in general, and in the Middle East and Africa in particular.
- Our company with its diversity in expertise in various products and excellent relations with companies is able to give the best results to its clients in the areas of import, export, customs clearance and air and sea freight to and from China and our company is characterized with the ability to get the best price deals and air and sea freight and the rapid attendance to accomplish tasks; it is capable to understand the desire of the client and the implementation of the required service to the fullest and in the shortest period.
- This company was establishment on the latest office foundations to keep pace with the constant evolution in the world of services and trade, which requires distinct office efforts and tasks that separates it from the others, to be able to commitment to work and punctuality and reassurance in full to its clients of all classifications, for them to know that their service is in the hands of a skilled and reliable hands.
- The staff of our company are characterized by high skills and creativity to work with the full capability to deal with clients and work under extreme pressure.
- In order to keep pace with the great development of the shipping operations from China, we opened one of our offices in China, near Shanghai – the most important commercial center – to be a starting point to meet all the needs of importers. Agents were appointed who are recognized for competence in the active Chinese ports. Agents are present in each of the following cities: Shanghai – Nebengbo – Dalian – Qingdao – Shenzhen – Hong Kong – Guangzhou – Tianjin – Nanjing – Xuan – Fuzhou – Xiamn – Beijing
- The company was establishment to be a means of communication between the client and the Chinese companies, factories and markets so as to be your representative in addressing these markets and the completion of the procedures required for import, export and shipping; that is through a dedicated team in the search, contracting, quality control and shipping process; the company is also offering a variety of services for the client in the case of its visit to China; the company’s commercial activity extends to all imported or exported commercial products.
- Our company has the advantage of the possibility of purchasing and manufacturing without the need to travel to China and that is by sending the samples required by the client and provide quotations for inspection and approval and make the applications required by it.
- In our interest to maintain our clients from being commercially cheated and high prices, the office will provide a translator from Chinese to Arabic, English or French, and vice versa in the case of visiting the client to China to facilitate the process of dealing with the Chinese side and the direct negotiation between the client and the Chinese party and coordinate the schedule of visits to factories and suppliers with providing a comprehensive visit program to China; the office cold also when needed provide a Chinese engineer – quality expert – from China (in the transactions of purchasing of factories, production lines and machines) with the translator and the investor while in China. After the return of the investor, the Chinese engineer follows-up the machines during shipping and maintains it until it exits China and the office shall provide an interpreter in the country during the installation and operation, taking into account caring to write the spare parts and the warranty in the contract.
- The company coordinates with the factories to provide the client request to the highest level of quality, efficiency and standard specifications and on the client’s desire.
- We track the stages of production with the factory until it is the handing in the agreed timelines for the delivery of the client.
- The company offers a special section for advertising and packaging materials and printing for companies and institutions and provides the required samples and samples for the company’s data before the completion of the printing process.
- We work to provide access to commercial agencies for our clients and register it from the largest Chinese factories in many various products and the accreditation of the client to an agent of the product or brand in the country where the client company exists.
- The company follows-up receiving of the goods and checking the quality and conformity to the specifications agreed upon. That is by a team specialized in inspecting the goods and quality control – to ensure its quality.
- The company coordinates the operations of sea shipping with the lowest cost on the best shipping lines from any port in China and to any port worldwide.
- We work on the follow-up and finishing all the papers related to each shipment: bill of lading – certificate of origin – invoices – package details – issuing certification of the quality of goods and similar paperwork required to complete the import, export or shipping process.
*** In conclusion, your successful experience in working with our company establishes a joint business relationship continues to the farthest extent and it is enough to make us partners on the path of success and excellence.