scope of the company’s business:

Our offices in China and other areas do the following:

1. Export and shipping to all ports and airports through our company which is specialized in shipping from ports and airports of China and  other areas with an experience of more than ten years in the field of shipping and export from China and other areas countries to all countries of the world.
2. We have sufficient experience to research and provide products and factories and competitive prices in all fields available in China and other places and to provide the appropriate weighting to customers.
3. Appoint quality companies with a global reputation for follow-up checking and receipt of the products within the country of manufacturing for guarantee of quality.
4. To receive visiting delegations from airports and provide them with the appropriate hotels near the commercial markets, factories or international exhibitions.
5. The company also provides a set of services for businessmen and importers as follows:
• Issue a letter of commercial invitation from our offices to enable the client to receive the visa from the consulates wherever they are.
• Reception of the customer at the airport.
• Provide a means of transport.
• Provide a mobile number for the customer during his stay.
• Provide the appropriate accommodation for the client (rented apartments – hotel apartments – hotel rooms).
• Provide a translator (Arabic – English – French) with high experience and honesty to avoid making commercial mistakes.
• Organizing specialized commercial flights.
• We provide safe stores, receipt of goods and place the necessary data on it and provide secure shipping in the fastest time to the country required to be shipped to, and prepare all the required original certificates.
• Issuing certificates of origin, certificates of conformity of specifications and standards from the internationally certified offices to ensure no delay in the receipt of goods from the ports of arrival.
• Provide samples of the required goods before committing the client to purchase large quantities (at the purchase cost)
• Inquire about insurance fees and pre-shipment inspection services.
• Inquire about fees and shipping methods that are best suited for the client.
• Providing export services, all the necessary documentation, shipping services and policies.
• Keep track of customer shipment from the first day – until receipt by the client.
• Provide some leisure trips and sightseeing of China at the end of the trip.
• Provide restaurants and Eastern and Western meals.