The Company’s Services in Importing From China:


What do we offer to the customer who is importing from China?

 We provide for the client guaranteed sources of merchandise with competitive prices directly from the factory or from known markets in addition to making sure of the specifications, quality and number of goods and any comments on the request of the client in the goods; then we ship the goods; while providing bills for the services that include receiving customer and provide an interpreter and guide for the companies, factories and markets so that the client could easily and conveniently import without hindrance; after the approval of the prices of goods the client transfers the amount with the shipping to the account of the company and we receive the goods and send it to the client’s country by demand either by air cargo or sea shipment.
As for customers who are unable to travel to China we provide them with prices in their respective fields with sending samples to them in their own countries to be ratified and put their comments, then the office completes the deal for them until the goods reach the port of their country.

How do I visit China?

You need to have a visa for China from the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in your country and, if it is necessary there is a need for an invitation, the company provides an invitation for you before you enter China after you buy the ticket and inform us with the date of your arrival and we arrange to meet you, provide an interpreter and hotel booking, in addition to providing you with a car if so required.

How do I get the prices of Chinese products?

Because Chinese products are too many the customer must come to China to visit factories, exhibitions and companies or provide us with specific, sufficient and clear specifications with images of the required product to facilitate the search for goods.

What is the least capital that can import from China?

There are no limits for purchase from China, only the client buys any quantity it requires and the goods are shipped either directly from the factory, or collection of goods from the market that sell it, and then it is shipped to the customer’s country in any quantity.

How is the import from China to reach the goods to the customer country?

First: either the client comes to China and visit the factory, company or the fairs and markets and reviews the prices and after the approval the payment is made in China for the value of the goods in full or by a deposit for purchase; after payment of the remaining amount the goods are shipped either by sea or air; or
Second: customers who are unable come to China and have the prices with pictures or samples reach them and the price are approved, the amount is sent to the company and we buy the goods from the factory or production companies and ship the goods to the customer’s country and papers for receiving the goods are sent to the customer; or
Third: in the case of client’s approval to the price and the transfers are completed, it is not legally permitted to retreat from the price and refuse the order….. In case of retreat the customer loses its right on the deposit… Approval to the price and transfer is assertive and definitive and irreversible to the parties according to the law.

How goods received in the country of the client?

Goods are received either at the airport or at the port and we send the purchase invoices with the shipping papers regarding the customs clearance and the customer must look for a customs clearer in his country.

What are the types of shipping and how are goods received?

Shipping is either by air cargo especially light weight goods for the client who is in a rush for the arrival of the goods. Goods reach the airport of the country of the client and the client receives it in accordance with the shipping papers that we shall send to the client.
Cargos of large quantities are sent by sea by containers and the goods reach the port of the client and a customs clearer is appointed by you to receiving and clearance of the goods.
Freight rates depend on the type and quantity of goods and the type of shipping by air or sea. Also the location of shipping and freight rates increase or decrease every Monday.

How is the payment for the value of the goods in China?

A deposit is paid and the value of goods through our company and after examination of the goods by our company and making sure of the specifications, payment is made for the remaining amount and shipping of the goods.
For goods that need to be collected from more than one factory the customer must pay the full amount; we collect the goods in the stores for the shipping and ship it after collection to the client’s country.

How would the money be transferred to China?

** The transfer takes place from the customer’s bank in his country to the account of our company in China’s banks and the transaction takes about 3 days.
** Regarding the urgent money it could be sent via Western Union service and is reaches same day, either on the client’s name, or to the account of our company.

How much are the fees and commission of our services?

Our commission: We have two ways to work:
The first one: The business between us is by sale and purchase without commission with the importing client and the client has nothing to do with the factory or the source.
The second one: An understanding is discusses with the client on a simple commission acceptable to both parties without any hindrances.
Any points not contained in this Agreement are to be discussed without damage to any of the parties. If there are disagreements with the manufacturer or party of import God forbid, the Chinese law is implemented and we act as follow-up and checking and any financial obligations according to the law would be borne by the client.